Morleybrook Reunion '99

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Photo by Robert Lisak

Windsock Morleybrook Banner #1 Morleybrook Banner #2 At the Umbrella Table
Cassidy crafted a Morleybrook windsock. Don unveils a new Morleybrook banner ... And then helps hang it. Sylvia, Dorothy and Pop stay cool beneath a new umbrella table.


Morleybrook Olympics
Paddleboat Race #1 Paddleboat Race #2 Water Balloon Toss #1 Water Balloon Toss #2
Larry and Kelsea in the Paddleboat Race. Andy and Barry finish among the leaders. Ray shows Alex how the Water Balloon Toss is done. Ben tries to outlast Anne in the toss-off.
Tug-O-War Closing Ceremonies
Tug-O-War Heading for the closing ceremonies


Hauling the boat in. Three Sisters Morleybrook Reunion '99
Don's boat had to be hauled out for a bilge pump repair. Three Sisters
Judy, Annette and Carlene
Morleybrook Reunion '99


Reunion '99 Notes