Regulars present:

Annette, Jeff, Carol, Cameron, Don, Lisa, Bev, Clarence, Jordan, Larry, Kathie, Cathy, Robert, Alex, Jessica, Chris, Barry, Ben, Judy, Pop, Alan, Robin, Cassidy.

Guests: Desiree, David and Linda Murphy

Absent: Dustin, Matt, Tyler, Dave, Kelsea, Dann, Dawn, Christian, Jeremy, Samantha, Paige, Greg, Nicole, EV, Lucas, Logan, Anne, Mark, Andy, Aaron, Rebecca, Nick, Jake, Mike, Paula, Giselle, Sylvia, Dorothy,

  • 32nd Reunion
  • Part I - Don & Lisa's in Harpswell
  • The bunk house
  • Widgeon Cove
  • David Murhpy's airplane tour
  • Barry, Robert, Alex and Ben arrive by boat
  • Welcoming back Cassidy, Alex, Jess and Ben
  • Lobstah and clams
  • Herb hunting with Robin
  • Streaked Mountain Wicked Good Poison Ivy Spray
  • Pie for breakfast
  • Lisa's doughnuts
  • Alan's chocolate cookies and pie
  • Clarence's homemade ice cream
  • Celebrating Pop & Judy's 50th
  • Soccer circle
  • Afghanistan, the game
  • Fortunella cruise
  • Part II - Chris and Barry's in Harpswell
  • Fantastic fireworks
  • Robert recounting the Congo
  • Alex at the grill
  • Sitting round the campfire
  • Alan's LLBean La-Z-Boy
  • Part III - Tripp Lake on the 4th
  • Flood receding
  • Rescuing the Phantom (Good eyes, Larry!)
  • Carol's Birdsong breakfast
  • Makeshift gangplank
  • Irma II cruise
  • Making it official
  • In memory of Ray

Judy and Pop's 50th Anniversary Cassidy Carhy and Chris
Juniper Lane, Harpswell Deer in Widgeon Cove Neils Point, Harpswell
Jessica Morleybrook Reunion 2012 Ben and Barry at the campfire
Don's George Washington Cameron and Carol Waterlogged camp


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