Morleybrook 20th Reunion Planner

Summer brainstorming produced some terrific ideas for activities:

  Activities In charge
  Lobster bake Judy & Annette
  Berryman performance Jeff
  20-year photo board Alex & Cathy
  20-year trivia game Kathie & Cathy
  History-Mystery photo contest Annette, Carlene, Judy
  Morleybrook antique show Annette, Carlene, Judy
  Used Book Sale & Swap Robert
  Tripp Lake Boat Cruise Kathie
  Pontoon Boat Don & Larry
  20th Reunion Edition of Rapport Jeff
  Girl's Camp Amphibious Invasion Robert
  Musical Variety Show The Moorettes
  Morleybrook X-Games Jeff
  Mayflower Voyage Reenactment Ray
  Lecture on Morleybrook History Ben Conant
  Baby Photo Identification Contest Annette
  Disco Aerobics, Disco Volleyball Chris
  Rendition of "Lean On Me" Jeff


Volunteers have stepped forward to fill many important positions:

  Position In charge
  Chairman Larry
  Chairwoman Cathy
  Parking Director Ray
  Publicity Director Kathie
  Fund-raiser Don
  Meal Prep Rotating Families
  Clean-up Rotating Families
  Lobster Bake Annette & Judy
  Dessert Queens Carlene & Judy
  Landscape Director Pop
  Photography Robert & Barry
  Prizes & Favors Kathie
  Decorations Chris & Anne
  Games Kelsea & Anne
  Toobee Andy & Ben
  Fireworks Alan & Don
  Musical Director Jeff
  Treasurer Dave
  Commodore Don
  First Aid Station Holbrook Trailer

Please send any suggestions, additions or changes to