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Welcome to the Morleybrook Web site.

The Morleybrooks are the Moores, the Lees and the Holbrooks, and their families and friends.

We gather every July 4th at "The Camp" in Poland, Maine, and any other times during the year that we can arrange.

Don't be bashful, come on in!


WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Reunion '13New! - Highlights from the 33nd reunionn

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Addresses - Morleybrook directory

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)1998 Calendar - Birthdays and photos, too

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Morleybrook Baby Pictures - Cathy identified them all!

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Reunion Scrapbook - 4th of July reminiscences

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Anniversary Celebration - Carlene & Ray's 50th anniversary party, November 24, 2001

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Harold's 1946 Album - Collection of photos begun June 6, 1945

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Tripp Lake Adventure Library - List of  books to be housed at the Camp

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Caribbean Cruise - Matt, Dustin, Don & Jeff on Voyager of the Seas

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Nick, Jake and Rebecca's Visit - Four photos from their visit to Tripp Lake

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Salem Get-together  - Snapshots of Salem on Annette's birthday

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)20th Reunion Planner - Ideas for activities at suggested for the 20th reunion

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Reunion '02Notes and photos from the 22st reunionn

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Reunion '01Notes and photos from the 21st reunionn

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Reunion '00Notes and photos from the official 20th reunionn

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Reunion '99Notes and photos from this summer's get-together

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Reunion '98 - Notes and photos from '98

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Annette's Fotofile - Bar Harbor and Buckfield in the early forties

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Judy - Photos of Judy from 1940-42

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Judy's Retirement Party - Snapshots of the Skillings Corner festivities on August 1st

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Photo Gallery '97 - The winning selections from the 1997 Photo Contest!

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Wedding Pictures - Highlights from Dave and Paula's December wedding

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Spring Flood - Heavy rains flood Tripp Lake, and Don was there

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Conant Genealogy - Database of Hiram's descendents, created by Larry

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Tripp Lake Improvement Association -, maintained by Larry

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Larry and Kathie's Photos - Larry and Kathie's photo album

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Don's Photos - Don's photo album

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)Jeff's Photos - Jeff's photo album