Regulars present:

Annette, Jeff, Carol, Cameron, Don, Lisa, Dustin, Matt, Jordan, Tyler, Larry, Kathie, Cathy, Robert, Mark, Chris, Barry, Andy, Ben, Judy, Pop, Alan, Robin, Chelssea, Aaron, Dorothy.

Guests:  Allison, Desiree

Absent: Bill, Alex, Anne, Andy, Rebecca, Nick, Jake, Cassidy, Dave, Paula, Giselle, Dan, Dawn, Greg, Nicole, Lucas, EV, Nick, Sylvia, Samantha, Paige, Jeremy, Christian

Dedicated to the memory of Carlene

  • 27th reunion
  • Cool & breezy
  • Book swap
  • Sunset cruises on the Irma
  • Riley's first Morleybrook
  • Mark canoeing in a gale
  • Shirts and hats from the Tripp Lake Store
  • Robin's folk songs
  • Whiffleball
  • Fictionary - "Smilax: Ex-lax with a happy ending (Ray) "
  • Booze cruises
  • Boys put out the raft
  • Swimming and diving off Irma (Ben, Mark, Tyler)
  • Barry still on Vietnam time
  • Judy's cherry delights
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee
  • Slide show: Caribbean cruise, Alan & Robin's wedding, Morleybrook memories
  • Buckfield stories
  • Shoestring Books I & II
  • Ice cream at Crestview Farm
  • Lisa's Little Camp remodeling
  • New lawn, big beach, long dock
  • Rooting for the Red Sox
  • Cameron learning croquet from Grammy
  • Quidling
  • King-size trash container
  • Wi-Fi
  • Last in the flotilla


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