Regulars present:

Annette, Jeff, Carol, Cameron, Don, Lisa, Dustin, Matt, Jordan, Tyler, Larry, Kathie, Cathy, Robert, Chris, Barry, Judy, Pop, Alan, Robin, Chelsea, Aaron, Dorothy.

Guests:  Desiree, Shep, Candice, Clarence, Bev, Dann, Dawn, Christian, Jeremy, Paige, Samantha, 2 friends of Chelsea who play in a band

Pets:  Riley, Francesca

Absent: Bill, Alex, Jessica, Anne, Mark, Andy, Ben, Rebecca, Nick, Jake, Cassidy, Dave, Paula, Giselle, Greg, Nicole, Lucas, EV, Sylvia, Kelsea

  • 28th reunion
  • Perfect weather
  • Breakfast on the lanai
  • Flotilla - 40 boats
  • 4 on the 4th (quads that is)
  • Magnetic Rocket Toss
  • Little Camp revamped
  • Disc golf
  • Evening campfires
  • Boats and boogie boards
  • Gustav Mole
  • Video of Alex and Jessica's wedding
  • Anne's Ave Maria
  • Cameron - "Look at all the Irmas!"
  • Barry's 5000-year-old arrowheads
  • Duo - Robin on guitar, Alan on Djembe
  • Bev's banana pudding
  • Planing doors
  • Septic scare
  • New microwave
  • Aaron buffeted in sailboat
  • Ray walking with Ray
  • Trolling motor on the canoe
  • Judy's veggie chilli and strawberry pie
  • Robert and Carol cribbage match
  • Anne calling in from Prague
  • Rock-and-roll yellow donut carrying Larry and four grandchildren
  • Evening cigars
  • Ultimate omelets
  • Don and Lisa recounting Alaska trip
  • Harpswell excursion
  • Even longer dock
  • Red Sox-Yankees radio play-by-play
  • A Wedding at the Mansion by Candice Thornton Lee
  • Kielbasa, steak, burgers and dogs
  • Shep, Candice and Francesca
  • Snake attack
  • Dave's birthday call
  • Jordan and Tyler's mussel collection


Carol & CameronRock-and-roll yellow donutRobin & Alan
Dann & daughtersLanai loungingPop, Judy & Ray
Cathy & RobertShep2007 Reunion


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