Regulars present:

Annette, Jeff, Carol, Cameron, Don, Lisa, Dustin, Larry, Kathie, Kelsea, Cathy, Robert, Chris, Barry, Bill, Judy, Pop, Alan, Robin, Chelsea, Rebecca, Dorothy.

Guests:  Heather, Sarah, Desiree

Pets:  Riley

Absent: Matt, Jordan, Tyler, Alex, Jessica, Anne, Mark, Andy, Ben, Aaron, Nick, Jake, Mike, Cassidy, Dave, Paula, Giselle, Greg, Nicole, Lucas, EV, Sylvia, Samantha, Jeremy, Christian, Paige, Dann, Dawn,

  • 29th reunion
  • Wicked wet
  • Watershoes recommended
  • Walking the plank
  • Relocating the picnic table
  • Cornhole game
  • Robin's "nutri-burst" tea
  • Watching the flotilla -- 30 boats
  • Don's storm watch
  • Irma's tempermental carburator
  • Cigar and fireworks cruise
  • Reminiscing
  • ’Becca from ’Bama
  • Dorothy singing MacNamara's Band
  • Wicked huge whoopie pie
  • Wolf Cove Inn gift shop
  • Freedom prizes from Ray
  • Lightning stikes fisheman at girls' camp
  • Buckfield road trip
  • Alan - "One bean short of a three-bean salad"
  • Harpswell hoedown
  • Kayaking Casco Bay


Kayak of Neils PointMatt and DustinJudy and Rebecca
Kelsea and SarahCameron and GrammyBill and Heather
Alan and CassidyRay, Jeff and picture with Jean-Francois MolloThe Irma


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